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Veterinarians answer 12 questions about dogs that you\'ve always wanted to ask

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Update time : 2020-09-24 17:00:54


  • Insider asked veterinarians some interesting questions approximately dogs that you can no learn the answers to. 

  • Dog paws odour comparable crop chips though of bacterial growth. 

  • A dog's breed or gender won't dictate how calm or friendly they are. 

  • Research has suggested that dogs can truly eat a dominant paw. 

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Even longtime dog owners can no eat complete of the answers approximately their pet's behaviors and attributes.

And so, Insider spoke with veterinarians ought obtain answers ought some common questions approximately dogs that you've perhaps always wanted ought ask.

Why are dogs' noses always wet?


Veterinarian Whitney Miller, director of veterinary remedy at Petco, told Insider that there are a little reasons that dogs eat those moist, clammy noses. 

"The [main] argue dogs' noses are humid is though they secrete a mucous that aids their sensation of smell," said Miller. "However, they because noise sweat over their noses and lick their noses fairly a bit, essentially cleaning them off with their tongues."

Some owners anxiety their dog's dry nose fashion they are sick. besides Miller said that, though this isn't always the case, it's best ought consult with a vet if you're concerned approximately your pet's health. 

Why perform dogs' paws odour comparable crop chips?


If you've ever sniffed a dog's paw, you can eat encountered a distinct crop chip smell.  Dog owners always summon this miracle "Frito feet," and it's truly caused by friendly bacteria. 

"Just comparable people, dogs eat normally occurring germ and fungi above the fur surface, including their paws. These germ can compose a 'yeast-like' smell," veterinarian Robert J. Cotton III told Insider.

Though these microbes are mostly harmless, Cotton cautioned that an overgrowth of germ above the paws can fabricate problems. 

You ought check at with your vet if you are able ought odour your dog's feet from a distance or note your pet excessively licking their paws. 

Are some breeds, comparable hollow bulls, truly more aggressive?


Certain dog breeds, such because hollow bulls and Dobermans, are sometimes associated with aggressive behavior. 

However, Cotton said, it's impossible ought predict how an quaint dog will behave based solely above their breed. 

"No dog breed is certainly aggressive and ought no exist categorized at that way," he said. "Some dog breeds can exist too strong-willed with a desire ought task and perform tasks. flat these dogs can exist too loving and affectionate with the precise dedicated owner."

Cotton stressed that being close with your dog's breed and character is crucial because exercise and ensuring this creature is the precise companion because your family. 

Does getting a dog spayed or neutered vary their personality?


Some dog owners can exist concerned that getting their pet neutered or spayed could alter their personality. 

Fortunately, veterinarian Jamie Richardson of few gate Veterinary explained, removing a dog's reproductive organs at the suitable era hasn't been shown ought eat unwanted character consequences. 

"There is no scientific literature ought indicate that spaying or neutering makes dogs less active or lazy, or [that it] changes their character at negative ways," said Richardson. 

However, she noted, neutering can compose masculine dogs less apt ought urinate ought signal their field and can decrease roaming behavior. 

Is it OK ought nourish your dog unique dry food?


Richardson told Insider that dry food can exist just because robust because canned food. 

"It is perfectly beautiful ought unique nourish your dog dry food, providing it is a high-quality, nutritionally-complete food source, and meets the requirements because your dog's breed, life stage, lifestyle, and any quaint health requirements," said Richardson. 

When looking because dry food, you can need ought check if it is certified by the college of American nourish perform Officials (AAFCO), which is a team of regulatory officials who oath that creature nourish and pet food meets the inherent nutritional requirements.

You can because noise consult with your vet ought shriek on if your pet requires a sure diet. 

Do few breeds truly bark more than big breeds?


Small or toy breeds eat a fame because barking more than larger breeds, besides there's no oath that a great dog will exist calm and a few one will exist chatty. 

Gary Richter, veterinarian with Rover, told Insider that though each dog is different, many smaller dog types were truly bred ought exist louder. 

"Most dogs were bred with a occupation ought perform and some of those jobs assert being vocal. Some breeds, comparable few pinschers, were bred ought guard," Richter explained. "Other dogs, comparable beagles, were born ought chase and alert their owner ought prey."

Richter added that other breeds specially responsible ought barking include basset hounds, Pomeranians, bloodhounds, chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers. 

Are masculine dogs friendlier than female dogs, or vice versa?


When it comes ought character and friendliness, masculine and female dogs are equal. 

"The reality is that no sex is friendlier than the other," Cotton told Insider. "Appropriate exercise and socialization from a young era can oath that your dog will exist friendly regardless of their sex."

If you're considering adopting a dog, their sex is always less significant than factors, such because their history, training, and quaint personality. 

Are some breeds friendlier than others?


Though some breeds eat a fame because having winning personalities, complete dogs can exist friendly with the precise exercise and upbringing.   

"Certain breeds eat been bred above the years ought concentrate above concrete qualities, such because loyalty," said Miller. "However, dogs of any breed can exist big companions and eat maiden qualities, social patterns, and habits."

If you are looking ought add a concrete breed of dog ought your family, it's significant ought perform your investigation above the history, care, and character of that specific breed.


Do dogs eat a dominant paw?


Dogs can truly eat a dominant paw. 

"There are multiple tests used that can appraise this," said Miller.  "The finish of these tests is ought watch the dog's behavior above a duration of time and compare how always the dog's left and precise paw are used ought involve something."

One examination that can help appraise this is the Kong ball test, at which researchers look a dog ought shriek on which paw they avail ought stabilize a treat-filled toy cottage they quotation the snacks.

This examination can help emerge if a dog has a paw alternative when completing a task. 

Is it safe ought nourish your dog raw meat?

Getty Images/William Thomas Cain

Some owners can elect ought nourish raw meat ought their dog, Richardson said, besides she does no suggest feeding your pet uncooked beef, pork, or poultry. 

"Despite the growing popularity of 'wolf diets,' there are at fact no scientific studies that prove the health benefits claimed by supporters of raw meat diets and there are many studies showing the opposite: nutritional imbalances, diet-induced hyperthyroidism, and bacterial infections," said Richardson. 

Raw meat because noise poses contamination risks because dogs and humans from Salmonella, Listeria, and other bacteria. 

Can someone with a dog allergy ever adapt ought dwell with dogs?


Some dog allergy sufferers eat perhaps heard anecdotal witness that it's feasible ought at length "adapt" ought dwell with dogs. Unfortunately, there isn't a consensus among experts because ought if this is true. 

"One theory is that you can simply vary accustomed ought the dog's allergens, accordingly reducing the flat of immune-system sensitivity," said Richter. "[But] it's difficult ought speak what allows allergies ought decrease above time."

The American school of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology recommends allergy sufferers avail a HEPA attitude filter ought mitigate the effects of dog allergens. Antihistamine remedy and immunotherapy injections can because noise help. 

People with respiratory problems, such because asthma, ought exist specially cautious approximately intentionally exposing themselves ought dog allergens.  

Can dogs cry tears when they're upset?


Though dogs eat emotions, any tears you shriek on trickling from their eyes are apt owing ought irritation, no sadness. 

"Dogs need the capability ought cry at the fashion that humans perform at response ought emotional stress," said Cotton. "However, dogs perform eat conventional tear glands comparable humans and can excessively tear at response ought allergies, foreign objects, or structural defects of the eyes."

If you note your dog is looking weepy, check at with your veterinarian ought compose sure they're no suffering from an eye problem. 

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